How Often To Water Newly Planted Trees in Lafayette, LA

If you’re new to enjoying your own home garden, trees might be the first thing you’ll think about putting into the ground. The right trees can create an incredible legacy, whether you stay on the property for a long time or leave it to generations after you. 

Where do you start when you’ve settled on which new trees to plant? Is there a secret in how often to water newly planted trees? New trees have immature root systems and need a lot of help to get going before the roots have expanded enough to help the tree stand proud on its own. 

Hub City Tree and Preservation, a top tree trimming service in Lafayette, LA, shares more about watering trees below.

How Often Should You Water Young Trees?

Young trees require plenty of water during the summer and fall seasons, which is when they grow the most. If you’re asking how often to water newly planted trees, you might not realize that watering starts before the tree is actually in the ground. Afterward, irrigation for newly planted trees ensures they spread roots, grow in diameter, and gain some height. 

While tree species may differ, a young tree should have some water daily for two weeks, and just enough to keep the soil damp. Start with 1 to 2 inches of water (about 6 ml each day). If it’s drying out quickly, add more. 

Watering Your Tree Before You Plant Prepares the Way

When watering newly planted trees and putting them in the ground, there are plenty of guidelines you should consider before you get started. Still, your decisions regarding proper watering for newly planted trees begin before they’ve reached their destination.

Soil can be dry and compact when you first insert the tree into the ground, in which case the frequency of watering for newly planted trees would be high. Before you even put the tree into the ground, start watering the soil. It makes planting easier and accelerates the tree’s initial growth to establish roots.

Soil that’s moist and malleable is inviting for the new tree. Generously watered soil also minimizes the potential transplant shock.

Watering Immediately After You Plant Seals the Deal

The hydration needs for newly planted trees decrease over time because the roots start to do their work. What’s the perfect watering schedule for newly planted trees? Compared to its adult self, the tree doesn’t need much. 

After that first few weeks, a young tree needs 2 to 3 gallons of water per inch of trunk diameter per week. In hot summer months or direct sunlight, keep an eye on the tree’s condition and adjust the watering as needed.

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