How Fast Can a Tree Lean Before It Falls in Lafayette, LA?

Trees typically grow straight up from the ground, but environmental conditions can cause them to lean slightly in one direction or another. However, excessive learning can be a problem. The question then becomes: how far can a tree lean before it falls? Read on to learn more about how to safely manage leaning trees.

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Why Do Trees Lean?

Trees can start to lean for several reasons, not all of which are dangerous or serious. For instance, many types of trees will grow towards the sunlight, which can make a tree lean slightly from the center. This behavior is known as phototropism and is fairly common among plants and fungi. This kind of tree leaning is usually healthy and not a problem.

However, trees can also lean due to storm winds, trunk damage, and soil erosion. In these cases, a leaning tree can constitute a problem and may require professional evaluation to determine whether it can be fixed or whether it needs removal. 

How Far Can a Tree Lean Before Falling?

Every tree has a different maximum tree tilt before collapse, but most experts agree that the threshold for tree fall risk is about 15 degrees from perpendicular. Addressing the lean is even more of a pressing concern if the tree starts to lean in one direction too quickly.  

The main problem is that leaning trees pose a hazard. Hazard trees are trees that have structural defects that make them more likely to fall. Trees past their leaning tree stability limit can fall, causing major property damage and injuring you or your family.

Can You Fix a Leaning Tree?

Yes, you can often fix a leaning tree. The most common method of straightening a tree is staking. First, you place a series of stakes around the side of a tree at a 45-degree angle. Next, you push the trunk back into a straight position and strap it into place using the stakes. You can then tighten the straps to get the tree angle you want. 

You may also need to add some soil near the base of the tree if it shifts while staking. It should take a few months for the tree to settle into its new position before you can remove the stakes. If you live somewhere with frequent windy or stormy weather, keep a close eye on any staked trees. 

Unfortunately, though, sometimes a tree might be too far past the tree lean safety distance. In that case, you need to contact an expert to remove hazardous trees safely and efficiently. Experts can help with predicting tree fall distance and provide a tree tipping point assessment.  

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