What To Do With a Large Tree Stump in Lafayette, LA

Do you have a tree stump in your yard? If you’re like most property owners, you don’t love the look it adds. But you don’t have to remove it to improve your yard’s aesthetics. 

With a little creativity and effort, you can turn your stump into one of your pieces of yard decor! As a leading tree-trimming specialist in Lafayette, LA, Hub City Tree and Preservation LLC can share some ideas on what to do with a large tree stump in your yard. 

what to do with a large tree stump

How You Can Creatively Incorporate a Tree Stump Into Your Landscape

Don’t want to remove your tree stump? Consider these creative ideas instead!

Turn It Into a Unique Flower Pot

Love having flowers in your yard? Hollow out the stump and fill it with some soil to create a unique flower pot for your yard! Add your favorite perennials to add some color and give your tree stump a whole new purpose.

Turn It Into a Bird Bath

Consider turning it into a bird bath when thinking about what to do with a large tree stump! You can do this by cutting the stump into the shape you want and removing the roots.

Use a chainsaw, axe, or other wood-cutting tools to carve a bowl into the top of the stump. Make it wide but only a couple of inches deep. 

Turn It Into a Table

There’s nothing quite like sipping your coffee outside in the morning or stargazing at night. Adding an outdoor table can make these things even more enjoyable, and you can use your leftover stump!

Add a few chairs around your stump to create a cozy sitting area outside. You can make your stump-table even more unique by painting it with your favorite colors or to look like a checker board. Enhance your outdoor seating area even further by planting smaller trees around it.

Turn It Into Outdoor Decor

You can still make your stump a beautiful addition to your property even if you don’t make it particularly useful. If you have the right skills and tools, you can carve your stump into something unique. You can even use it as a canvas with the right paints and imagination.

Get the Tree Services You Need With Hub City Tree and Preservation LLC in Lafayette, LA

It’s best to call an arborist if you just want to remove the stump. While safely removing a tree stump yourself is possible, professionals can use methods like grinding large tree stumps for more efficient removal.

We use innovative small and large tree stump removal methods to clear away leftover tree debris and give you cleaner property. If you’re wondering what to do with a large tree stump, we can help you explore the benefits of utilizing tree stumps for wildlife habitat, repurposing tree stumps for landscaping, and many other options.

Call Hub City Tree and Preservation LLC at 337-886-8221 to learn more about DIY vs professional tree stump removal, professional tree removal techniques, and more. 

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