The Proper Way to Mulch Around Trees on Your Lafayette, LA, Property

Trees derive numerous benefits from mulch. Mulch fosters a healthier growing environment for both trees and their roots while enhancing the overall appearance of your landscape.  

However, understanding the proper way to mulch around trees yields the best results in promoting their health and vitality. As Lafayette’s premier tree service, Hub City Tree and Preservation explores mulching.  

Why Apply Mulch?  

Urban trees, unlike those in the forests, don’t usually grow in ideal conditions for root system development and nutrient absorption. Urban environments often feature drastic fluctuations in temperature and moisture and challenging soil conditions.  

Mulching alleviates the strain caused by these conditions.  

How To Mulch Effectively  

Mulches reduce soil temperature loss, moderate soil temperatures, reduce soil compaction, provide nutrients, improve soil moisture, and much more. When applying mulch, observe the following guidelines.

Choose the Best Mulch Materials  

Organic mulch offers the best results. So, consider wood chips, pine needles, composted leaves, and bark nuggets. Inorganic mulch options like gravel, rocks, and recycled rubber mulches also work well. Avoid grass clippings, plastic, and sawdust.  

Clear the Area  

While you typically don’t have to remove or kill existing ground cover, clear the area of rocks, dirt, or old mulch. Then, mow the turf very short and remove clippings before applying mulch. 

The proper way to mulch around trees requires you to apply the mulch directly to the soil surface. Don’t use any landscape fabric to separate the mulch from the soil.  

Apply the Mulch  

Apply the mulch in a circular pattern around the tree, creating a three-five-foot diameter mulch bed. Then spread the mulch in a thin layer, leaving about one or two between the mulch and the tree base.   

Keep laying down the mulch until it reaches a depth of two to four inches thick depending on the tree species and type of mulch. Deeper mulch layers can trap water and suffocate the tree’s roots.  

Never place mulch against the trunk because it will retain excess moisture against the trunk, potentially resulting in rotting and disease.  

Seasonal Mulching  

Consider seasonal mulching to maintain healthy trees. Replenish the mulch as necessary in the spring to maintain the recommended depth and refresh the mulch bed during the fall to prepare for winter.  

Monitor Soil Moisture Levels  

Check the moisture level around your trees regularly. You may need to water the tree root zone during dry spells.  

Trust Your Local Tree Care Experts  

If you are looking for a tree care company that treats every tree project with the same level of care and attention, rely on Hub City Tree and Preservation. We boast plenty of loyal clients who choose us again and again for: 

  • Tree trimming and pruning  
  • Emergency tree service  
  • Tree removal  
  • Tree planting  
  • And more 

Reach out for more information about the proper way to mulch around trees or to learn how often to water newly planted trees

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