Methodical Juniper and Cedar Tree Removal in Lafayette, LA

Methodical Juniper and Cedar Tree Removal in Lafayette, LA

by | Apr 25, 2024

Trees bring shade and visual appeal to property landscapes, but they sometimes grow in spots where they pose a risk or become a bit too unruly for our liking. That’s where Hub City Tree and Preservation LLC turns concerns into peace of mind. Their latest tree removal project in Lafayette, LA, showcased the crew’s ability to tackle bigger arboreal specimens swiftly and safely.

tree removal in lafayette la - Hub City Tree and Preservation LLC
Before the tree cutting

Details of the Tree Removal Service in Lafayette Parish

  • Client Profile: Residential homeowner
  • Location: Lafayette, LA
  • Type of ServiceTree removal
  • Tree Type: Juniper and cedar
  • Tree Size: Juniper was 20 feet tall; cedar was 60 feet tall
  • Equipment/Products Used: Bucket truck, chip box, mini skid steer
  • Service Frequency: One-time service
  • Season: Spring
  • Specific Challenges: Working around the existing hardscape that the client had in the yard without disrupting it during the removals. 
  • Client Preferences: Wanted little impact on garden and all debris chipped up and hauled away

tree removal in lafayette la 2 - Hub City Tree and Preservation LLC
Minimizing hardscape damage

A Clean and Professional Tree Removal in Lafayette, LA

Since the trees grew near important aesthetic and practical elements of the property, Hub City Tree and Preservation LLC had to carefully navigate the challenge. They utilized:

  • Careful Planning: Hub City Tree and Preservation LLC sat down with the property owner and inquired about specific concerns and priorities before starting any work. They developed a tailor-fit strategy to minimize collateral damage.
  • Expert tools: While the juniper specimen was relatively small, the towering cedar demanded more sophisticated equipment. The crew brought in specialized vehicles to reach and lower every branch safely.
  • Skilled Teamwork: The success of the job relied heavily on seamless coordination among team members, a testament to their experience in emergency tree removal work. Each person had a specific role, from cutting and hauling to clean-up.

No Mess Left Behind 

Who wants to deal with a bunch of tree limbs and debris littering their yard after a major project? Definitely not Lafayette locals. Hub City Tree and Preservation LLC goes the extra mile by leaving the property looking tidy, if not tidier, than before they arrive. 

In this case, they chipped up all the debris, hauled it away, and even conducted a final sweep to catch those pesky, small bits that always seem to hide until after the work crew has left. Such is their commitment to leaving the space safe and pristine.

The Lafayette Parish client who Googled “tree removal near me” and booked a session couldn’t have been happier with the results.

tree removal in lafayette la 3 - Hub City Tree and Preservation LLC
A tree removal company that cleans up after themselves

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