Hub City Tree and Preservation Provides Professional Tree Removal in Lafayette, LA

Hub City Tree and Preservation Provides Professional Tree Removal in Lafayette, LA

by | May 8, 2024

When a homeowner in Lafayette, LA, realized their property’s Drake Elm tree was a danger to their home, they knew they needed emergency tree removal. Hub City Tree and Preservation immediately went to work addressing this client’s problem. With our skilled arborists’ help, this Lafayette customer can now rest assured that they won’t have to worry about an impending disaster due to a problematic tree.

  • Client Profile: Residential Homeowner
  • Location: Lafayette, LA
  • Type of Service: Tree Removal
  • Tree Type: Drake Elm
  • Equipment/Products Used: Box chipper, mini skid steer, proper rigging equipment and PPE
  • Service Frequency: One-time service
  • Season: Spring
  • Specific Challenges: The space was too small to use the bucket truck for this tree removal, so we relied on our crew’s strength, mechanical tact, and climbing skills to complete the tree removal safely. 
  • Client Preferences: Mitigation of damage to yard and property. This required precise, methodical operation of equipment such as the skid steer in a small space.
BEFORE drake elm lafayette la tree removal - Hub City Tree and Preservation LLC

Client Concerns Over Property and Landscape: Seeks Tree Removal Near Me

We at Hub City Tree and Preservation are dedicated to providing comprehensive tree removal services throughout Lafayette Parish. So when a new client needed a one-time tree-cutting service last spring, we quickly sprung into action to help them. 

The client’s concerns were about a Drake Elm tree in their yard. Their massive mature tree towered over a portion of their yard. Yet, the tree’s weakened branches were a problem, and the client didn’t want the tree to fall or damage their property and landscape during a storm.  

Expert Tree Removal Company in Lafayette Parish Deliver Expert Solutions

The location of the tree made it too difficult for our crew to use a standard bucket truck for tree removal despite the plant’s massive height. As a state-licensed arborist in Lafayette serving residential and commercial clients in the area, we knew to approach this task carefully. 

Still, our experienced team delivered on our promise of 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Instead of using a bucket truck, we employed skilled tree climbers with proper rigging equipment and personal protection equipment to scale and cut the tree safely. We also used a mini skid steer and box chipper while taking great care not to disturb their yard. 

AFTER drake elm lafayette la tree removal - Hub City Tree and Preservation LLC

Another Successful Tree Removal in Lafayette, LA

This case study is just another example of our industry-leading skills. Our Hub City Tree and Preservation arborists maintained outstanding professionalism and showcased problem-solving skills doing the tree services. Through detailed planning and innovation, we fixed the client’s problem.

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