Two Woody Shrubs’ Crown Reduction on Commercial Property via Hub City Tree and Preservation in Broussard, LA

Two Woody Shrubs’ Crown Reduction on Commercial Property via Hub City Tree and Preservation in Broussard, LA

by | Apr 1, 2024

Two huge woody shrubs on either side of a small commercial estate had taken over the business premises. The owner co-opted Hub City Tree and Preservation in Broussard, LA, to schedule an urgent canopy or crown reduction. This case study explains how this specialized tree care team conducted the one-time service while avoiding property damage. 



Broussard Business Case Study of Two Woody Shrubs For Immediate Removal

Well into the spring season, two large woody shrubs outside this client’s commercial estate underwent a growth spurt. The shrubbery’s limbs reached the building’s walls and windows. With each plant guarding the property’s front entrance and measuring 20 feet tall, the client rightly anticipated property damage.

  • Client profile: Commercial client
  • Location: Broussard, LA
  • Type of service: Canopy or crown reduction
  • Plant type: 2 large woody shrubs
  • Plant size: 20 feet tall
  • Equipment: Bucket truck, chip box, mini skid steer
  • Service frequency: One-time service
  • Season: Spring
  • Specific challenges: Avoiding property damage as the trees were close to the main commercial structure
  • Additional services: Total job cleanup and debris removal

Commercial Client Requests Careful Crown Reduction in Broussard, LA

With extensive experience in tree canopy management and crown reduction in Broussard, LA, Hub City Tree and Preservation arrived to carry out the job with arborist-approved crowning reduction techniques. The two abrasive giants not only obstructed the property’s view from the widows but threatened to smash the panes with Broussard’s next windy day. The shrubs also discolored and scratched the siding.

The arborist began tree trimming in St. Martin Parish with the help of a bucket truck. The team chopped unyielding limbs to shorten them and shape them. These measured crown control measures and canopy thinning meant the shrubs once again looked like attractive accents to a well-kempt property rather than overgrown focal points. 

An Appealing Aftermath: Broussard Crown Reduction

Using ground-breaking crown management strategies and state-of-the-art equipment, the arborists completed the one-time service according to the client’s specifications. The team then moved all scraps and lumber with mini skid steers, placing everything into the chip boxes to create mulch. From there, the final debris removal and total job cleanup proceeded quickly.Hub City Tree and Preservation conducted this canopy trimming process in Broussard, LA, without harming the client’s nearby structures. The intervention kept the woody shrubs from inflicting future damage and thrived after the canopy and crown reduction services. The client’s customer satisfaction proved the results were a success.


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