Effective Residential Tree Removal and Tree Pruning in Lafayette, LA

Effective Residential Tree Removal and Tree Pruning in Lafayette, LA

by | Jun 18, 2024

A homeowner in Lafayette, LA, contacted Hub City Tree and Preservation for tree removal service for several small trees. They also need a reliable tree-cutting company for tree pruning of a larger tree on their property.

When they searched “Tree removal near me,” they knew they’d require the best service because of the unique challenges posed by their situation. The company completed the emergency tree removal to the client’s great satisfaction.

Tree Removal and Tree Pruning

Project Overview for Lafayette Parish Tree Trimming and Removal

  • Client profile: Residential homeowner
  • Location: Lafayette, LA
  • Type of service: Tree removal and pruning
  • Tree type: Variety
  • Tree size: Several smaller trees (removals) and one large tree (pruning)
  • Job duration: 8 hours
  • Equipment used: Bucket truck, stump grinder, dump truck, box chipper, mini skid steer
  • Season: Spring
  • Specific challenges: This job required a full day’s work and a few trips back and forth to haul away loads of debris. Pruning the tree took some tact and planning as it was leaning over the client’s roof. 
  • Client preferences: The client had a vision of opening up their front yard to improve curb appeal, and they also wanted the large tree pruned for roof clearance around the main structure. Our crew met the client’s expectations safely and efficiently.

Trimming and Removing Several Trees From a Lafayette Home

The Lafayette homeowner called in spring because several trees hindered their home’s curb appeal. They required professional tree removal for several smaller trees. A larger tree hung over their roof, and they needed reliable pruning for it.

Hub City Tree and Preservation verified they could complete the tree removal and pruning. The job required a full eight-hour day and various equipment, including a bucket truck, stump grinder, and box chipper.

Overcoming Tree Removal and Pruning Obstacles in Lafayette Parish

The tree removal company overcame significant obstacles while removing and trimming these trees. The larger tree sat between two different houses amid significant brush. Workers remained diligent in performing their duties without causing damage to the surrounding plants or either house.

The crew achieved the homeowner’s goal of increasing curb appeal and sunlight reaching the home. They cleaned up the leftover branches and debris without issue.

This Lafayette Resident’s Amazing Results

Hub City Tree and Preservation satisfied the client with their improved curb appeal and the quality of the results. The company established a lasting relationship with the client and completed the tree removal and tree pruning within a single day.

To schedule service, call (337) 886-8221.

Tree Removal and Tree Pruning


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