Hub City Tree and Preservation Conducts a Tree Removal for Two Water Oaks in Lafayette, LA

Hub City Tree and Preservation Conducts a Tree Removal for Two Water Oaks in Lafayette, LA

by | Apr 1, 2024

Sometimes, nature gets out of hand. Trees growing dangerously close to fragile residential landscaping need quick intervention. In this case, Hub City Tree and Preservation dispatched a team to Lafayette, Louisiana, for just such as tree removal.

during tree removal
During tree removal

A Detailed Look at Lafayette, Louisiana’s Water Oak Removal Case Study

This is a unique case study. It shows how the experienced team took on two water oaks. The one-time tree removal service in Lafayette, LA, ran as follows:

  • Client profile: Homeowner
  • Location: Lafayette, Louisiana
  • Type of service: Tree removal
  • Tree type: Water oak
  • Tree size: 25 feet tall, 18” diameter
  • Equipment: Bucket truck, chip box, mini skid steer
  • Service frequency: One-time project
  • Season: Spring
  • Specific challenges: Two large water oaks close to delicate landscaping
  • Additional services: Total job cleanup and debris removal

Meeting the Dire Plea to End the Towering Trees’ Reign

When nature fought to dominate a homeowner’s property in Lafayette, LA, the property owner requested a one-time oak tree removal service. Two water oaks were closing in on some flower bushes, blocking their light and suffocating their growing space. Hub City Tree and Preservation dispatched a team that same spring day to remedy the situation.

during tree removal
During tree removal

Safe, Effective Tree Removal in Lafayette, LA

The team quickly realized the magnitude of the two water oaks’ proximity, at roughly 25 feet tall and 18 inches in diameter. The trees towered above the floral surroundings. The removal experts got to work as follows:

  1. Drive bucket trucks into place for the arborists to conveniently reach the trees’ peaks.
  2. Commence tree cutting, removing sections of the limbs and trunks.
  3. Check remaining stumps and remove debris.

In this case, it was particularly important to exercise extra caution during the arborist removal process. For example, to prevent dropping debris or equipment from crushing flowers and bushes, the team was careful as they removed each section of the trunk. Additional services included debris and timber removal with a mini skid steer and shredder for a total job cleanup.

Tree Removal Satisfaction Guaranteed For This Lafayette Homeowner

This case study proves the efficiency of the right equipment and skills when it comes to a Lafayette, LA, oak tree trimming and tree clearance job. Hub City Tree and Preservation’s professionals cut the tall pieces down to size before this official tree removal in Lafayette Parish to ensure expert tree removal project management in small increments. Extra caution and time ensured no damage to the client’s beautiful landscaping, either.

After tree removal
After tree removal

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