Stump Grinding

Enlist the help of a stump grinding service in Lafayette, LA

Grind Down Stumps to Mulch

Grind down obstructive stumps on your property with Hub City Tree & Lawn Management. You can get rid of troublesome stumps through our helpful stump grinding service. Navigating your lawn shouldn't be a perilous journey full of tripping hazards.

After grinding your stumps down, we'll spread the mulched wood evenly so that the nutrients can all return to the soil. We offer stump grinding on both residential and commercial properties.

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Clear your lawn with stump removal

Letting stumps linger in your yard only leads to problems. Don't let yourself get stuck with stumps littered across your lawn. Stump removal saves you from having to deal with:

  • Bacteria and insects inhabiting your stumps
  • Trying to mow the lawn around irksome stumps
  • Stumps in your yard damaging your curb appeal

Addressing stumps left behind in your yard has an impact on all of your lawn care. Mowing, edging and weed whacking will be much easier once you've gotten rid of the stumps.

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