Tree Maintenance

Get tree spraying and fertilization in Lafayette, LA

Discover the Benefits of Seasonal Tree Maintenance

Taking care of your trees requires a lot of hard work and dedication. Not only do they need to trimmed and pruned for proper growth, they also require regular maintenance to stay healthy. Contact Hub City Tree & Lawn Management today for tree spraying and fertilization in Lafayette, LA.

Breathe easy knowing your trees are being looked after by true professionals. Call 337-281-2622 today for a seasonal tree fertilization or spraying service in Lafayette, LA.

What is involved in seasonal tree maintenance services?

Hub City Tree & Lawn Management offers superior tree maintenance services at competitive prices. Schedule tree maintenance for:

  • Tree spraying-use environmentally safe pesticides to prevent dangerous insect and disease infestations
  • Tree fertilization-enrich the nutrients your trees can draw from natural soil with our fertilization services
  • Trimming-careful pruning can increase fruit growth and allow proper light filtration

We also provide shrub fertilization among our other tree services. Speak with us today to discuss our package rates on seasonal tree maintenance in Lafayette, LA.

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