Tree Trimming & Pruning

Groom your trees with tree trimming services in Lafayette, LA

Snip and Trim Away Problematic Limbs and Branches

By paying close attention to your trees, you can make sure they all remain in good condition. Hub City Tree & Lawn Management can help. Our tree trimming services cover a wide variety of tree species.

Our services include:

  • Operating canopy lifts
  • Thinning branches
  • Clearing dead wood
  • Removing hazardous branches

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Maintain the health and quality of your trees with tree pruning

When you remove damaged or dying parts of a tree, you can salvage the rest of it. That's why we provide tree pruning to households all over Lafayette, LA. Don't worry about the health of your trees. We'll do all the worrying for you.

We specialize in tending to fruit trees, but we can take on any and all pruning jobs. By keeping your fruit trees in good condition, you make sure that the fruit you're harvesting is healthy. You're also keeping stray apples and pears from tumbling into your neighbor's yard.

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